Easter Safety for Your Cat! This is a Must-read!


Most of the Easter holiday joys come with potential safety hazards that can harm your cat. Here are a few safety concerns to be aware of for your cat on Easter.

Chocolate may be toxic or even fatal to your cat. Be sure to keep all chocolate treats in a safe place far away from your cat.

All parts of the Easter Lily plant are very poisonous to cats. If your cat consumes even a small amount of the plant, flowers, or water that the plant is in, it can cause severe poisoning and kidney damage. You also need to be aware of all flowers in general. For instance, hydrangeas. They can also be deadly as can dandelions.

Sharing your dinner with your kitty can also cause illness to your cat. Onions, grapes, and raisins can be toxic. Table scraps should not be fed to your cat at all as even non-toxic foods can cause gastrointestinal upset.

Cats often chew or eat fake Easter grass that comes inside the Easter basket. Ingestion of Easter grass can cause serious complications and obstructions which could result in the need for emergency surgery.

Alcohol, to say the least, can be very dangerous to your cat. Make sure to keep all drinks, used cups, and even empty cans in a safe place where your cat is not able to get to them. Leave an unattended drink on the coffee table, it doesn’t take much for your fur-baby to jump on the table to sample what the humans are drinking!

Your cat may try to make an escape when guests come over for Easter. Keep a close eye on your kitty when people are coming in and out of your house!

Keep these tips in the forefront of your mind during the upcoming holiday and have a happy Easter.