These Cat Siblings Hold Guinness World Records And Live In The Same Home!

Take a look at these beauties – besides sharing the same home, they also have other things in common. Dr. Will Powers is the proud owner of these siblings who live with him in his home in Michigan. Besides looking great and sharing a few qualities, each of the cats also hold a Guinness World Record.

The first one, Arcturus Aldebaran Powers is officially the World’s Tallest Cat. When he was measured at the age of 1, Arcturus was over 19 inches tall. He beat an older record and continued to break it every year as he never stopped growing! Just take a look at how tall he is – he’s the size of a child!

According to Guinness representatives, Arcturus is so big he can stand at a table and eats 1.5 pounds of food daily. An average cat is 12-13 inches tall, but Arcturus outgrew this after only a year. He has lived with Dr. Powers since he was a tiny 2-month old kitten, but he’s clearly grown more than everyone hoped since then.

Arcturus’ brother Cygnus Regulus Powers is a beautiful Maine Coon cat with a gorgeous tail. Dr. Powers always thought Cygnus’s tail was a bit longer than the average, but both he and his wife Laura didn’t have a clue that Cygnus’ tail is the longest in the world. When representatives of Guinness called to measure the cat’s tail, Dr. Powers and his wife knew there was something up.

With 17.58”, Cygnus’ tail is the longest cat tail in the world! The competition wasn’t even close and Cygnus beat the previous record with an inch more. This confirmed Dr. Power’s suspicion about the length of the cat’s tail, but even he couldn’t expect that Cygnus is a world record-holder.

The tail, however, is a bit problematic for Cygnus. He is a bit clumsy with it – he’s either dipping it in stuff or getting it caught by doors (ouch!). Besides owning two cats with Guinness World Records, Dr. Powers owns the Ferndale Cat Center in Michigan. He’s saving any cat that needs help and although he started alone, he has all the help he needs these days. Thanks to the celebrity status of Cygnus and Arcturus, he’s been able to host meet-and-greet sessions during which he raises donations for the shelter. “We use the money for food, shelter and homes for abandoned and stray cats,” Dr. Powers says. “My cats essentially use their fame to help the Ferndale Cat Center going,” he says laughing.

“When someone says your cat is best at something, it really makes you proud. We love our boys,” Dr. Powers said in an interview. Check out the unique cats in action: