Ginger Cat Brought Her Injured Kitten To A Couple For Help!

Just as it goes with the Harry Potter wands, you don’t adopt the cat, the cat adopts you. And if a cat ends up choosing you, it is an extreme honor, and you should cherish that cat forever!

One mama cat adopted Jamie and her boyfriend right after the first time they fed her.

Ever since that first day, she has returned to them for more food.

One day, however, she came to them with her kitten who had been injured.

“We found him and immediately knew that something was wrong. He would hike his leg up and his hip would jet out real far. We thought maybe his little hip was broken,” Jamie explained to Love Meow.

Jamie and her boyfriend named the little wee one Milo and took him to the vet. They learned the baby had a broken tibia and fibula, but he is now on the road to recovery and he simply loves his new home with the kind-hearted couple!