Enormous Ginger Cat Founds A Perfect Home

Elderly who care for pets find it quite difficult to do regular activities as before, resulting in improper care for their cats or dogs. Cats with a senior owner have a difficult life and can easily become aggressive as their owners slowly lose their abilities for a normal life. Such is the sad story of Symba, a 6-year old cat who was living with his senior owner until the owner needed special care.

Due to his inability to properly take care of himself, the old man moved to a retirement home which didn’t allow Symba in. After he man moved in, Symba was taken to the Humane Rescue Alliance in Washington.

When Symba arrived at the center, the staff were shocked to find a 35-pound cat! He was larger than any cat they’ve ever seen and clearly in need of help. Symba weighed more than a lion cub, but he was still in great spirits.

Symba was happy, but his weight meant that he needed immediately medical care. Obese cats are at a high risk of heart problems, diabetes, osteoarthritis and other diseases and conditions.

The moment he arrived, the HRA staff put the cat on a diet and exercise program. They invented clever food puzzles which were made to slow down Symba’s eating habits. The cat was put on a cat wheel every day and he was already underway to a healthier life.

Afterwards, Symba was put up for adoption. “He’s a curious guy and even with the age of 6 he’s still got plenty of life in him,” one of the staff said.

Of course, Symba’s new family should help the cat live the healthiest life possible, or he wouldn’t survive. Things are going great at the moment, but there’s still more work to be done. HRA spokesperson Matt Williams said: “We’re going to make sure Symba’s adopters understand that he needs to continue with the program or face the consequences of his weight. We’ll give them games and puzzles Symba works on and the diet plan that will help him live normally.”

Symba didn’t wait for his adopters too long. He was taken in by a couple who loves cats and has adjusted well. Of course, Kimba and Vito are dedicated to keeping the cat healthy. Recently, Symba took a part of the photoshoot for the couple’s wedding – take a look at the cute pictures below: