Kitten ‘Travels 300 Miles’ in Navy Pilot’s Car Bumper!

ENGLAND – A kitten believed to have climbed inside a car bumper was discovered after a 300-mile journey.

Royal Navy pilot Lt Nick Grimmer heard the kitten meowing just one day after traveling from Birmingham to the Royal Naval Air Station in Culdrose.

He dismantled the entire car with colleagues and found the kitten hiding out inside the bumper of his BMW.


The kitten has since been named Tigger by the pilot’s colleagues in the 814 Naval Air Squadron, which is known as the Flying Tigers.

Lt Grimmer, who is 32, stated: “The place he has felt most comfortable is in my flying helmet, which is the only place he is able to sleep.”


The pilot then picked up his car at Birmingham Airport on Monday and drove over to the air base via Bristol and Bath.


He thought the kitten had most likely climbed inside the car while it was parked for several days at Birmingham Airport.


He stated that the kitten was unharmed by the journey and he and colleagues are currently trying to find his owners.