Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Cats in One 5-minute Animated Video!

So why do cats do the things they do? Tony Buffington knows, or at least, he knows a lot more than we do. He’s a well-known veterinarian, professor and “cat guru,” and his profound knowledge provides the script for an animated TED-Ed video titled, “Why do cats act so weird?”

It’s cute in its own way, and it acts as a sort of CliffsNotes for all the other cat videos which you don’t end up watching at work. What about the pouncing? Cats have evolved to “stalk, pounce, kill and eat,” and they’ve still got that instinct. How do you explain the hiding? Cats long were prey as well as predator, and so they learned just how to escape by squeezing into strange spots.

And purring, the purpose of which remains a complete mystery, happens at a frequency that “can promote tissue regeneration.” So if your cat sleeps on your face, the video suggests, it may be just might be healing your cheek muscles.