Fluffy Tuxedo Cat Swims Across Stretch of Sea to Be With Loving Owner – And Looks Like Beaver!

Cats don’t always hate water. Some breeds of ats, such as those of Bengal origin, actually quite enjoy it.

There are many cats who avoid it if they can. It’s hard for them to dry off, and particles in water can irritate their skin.

Moreover, they might be uncertain of the unknown – or just cold.

One thing all cat owners know for sure is that if their pet is a little unsure of something, chances are they’ll just simply walk away.

However, one owner managed to entice their anxious-looking pet to swim all the way across a stretch of water.

The cat begins by cautiously dipping its paws in, before making the big plunge and gracefully travelling to the other side.

The woman was captured gently ushering her fluffy black and white cat into a much calmer patch of sea, before swimming alongside it like two happy dolphins under the sun.

Now sure, this cat clearly isn’t against swimming – it clearly has some skills!

However, it’s still quite a feat for the small animal to cross a good 20 yards or so.

And we think it’s so sweet that it’s paddling with its owner, too.