Mom’s Texts To Daughter Go Viral, Prove The Favorite Child Is The Family Cat! VIDEO

CALIFORNIA – A hilarious mom-daughter cat conversation is further proving that the favorite child of any parent is the beloved family pet. Jenny Katz, who is from Burbank, California, had to find out the hard way when she ate the cat’s ice cream.

Yes, you are reading that right. The family cat, 17-year-old Coco, absolutely loves Dreyer’s French vanilla ice cream and because she runs the house she gets a little bit before bed each and every night. Katz admitted to Buzzfeed that Coco is “treated like royalty” so naturally, all hell broke loose when she ate the queen’s favorite nightcap.


Katz’s mom, whose name is Debbie, and Coco, have a “nightly routine”. And so, when the pair went to fetch the French vanilla treat and discovered it was missing Debbie sent her daughter some frantic texts that are pretty funny. A double ellipsis is never a good indication so when Debbie wrote “…sad…” we knew things we’re going to get heated and quickly. Katz went on to explain that she had “no idea the ice cream in the freezer was off-limits.” Thankfully the family just so happened to have some extra popsicles for the kitty queen.


Although judging by Coco’s face in the follow-up pic where she demands to know just where her ice cream is we’re thinking that backup treat wasn’t good enough. Katz has tried explaining to her mom that Coco is just a cat, but the family simply wasn’t having it.


Katz and her mom have a good joking relationship, but she said the whole conversation turned beyond ridiculous that she decided to share it on Twitter: “If you could hear us speak out those texts, you’d probably laugh even harder,” she said in a post. The ice cream debacle quickly went viral because, well, let’s be honest, we all know our family pet is the best. People chimed in naming their parents whose love for their cats completely outshines all else.

And a few proud cat owners, like the lady pictured here, claimed that honor for themselves. We’re not completely shocked Debbie and Coco have a nightly ritual that’s special to just them. Coco does look like a pretty amazing cat and she’s been alive for almost two entire decades. And so, she’s certainly earned all the ice cream her tiny feline belly can hold.

To get back into their good graces, Katz plans on buying her mom and Coco at least one whole carton of French vanilla ice cream.

Update to story: Late last night, we learned that Coco finally received her treat. Watch her devour it in the video below.