Woman Saved Tiny Kitten Who Was Dumped on the Side of a Road

AUSTRALIA – A resident in Collie has saved a kitten dumped on the side of the road at Minninup Pool.

FELINE'S FRIEND: Wendy Fisher and 'Anzac', her new feline companion.

FELINE’S FRIEND: Wendy Fisher and ‘Anzac’, her new feline companion.

Wendy Fisher got out of her car shortly before spotting the white kitten running out from the bush land on April 25.

Mrs Fisher noticed that the three-week-old feline was showing clear signs of distress, deciding to bring the new companion home to take care of it.

She, having tried a variety of options including feeding milk from a bowl and bottled formula, ended up seeking help from the Collie Veterinary Services and local chemists for supplies.

Mrs Fisher took to Facebook, reaching out to followers of the (Collie) Community Noticeboard page for some good advice.

Mrs Fisher said the kitten’s treatment was unfathomable and completely unreasonable.

“I really just can’t believe that anyone would do that, to drop a little kitten like that in the bush,” she stated.

“It’s obviously tame, its not feral at all, if it was a feral kitten you wouldn’t be able to get close to it.”

She has since found an an experienced carer to help foster the feline, who has been dubbed ‘Anzac’ by the woman who rescued the kitten.