Foster Kittens Teach Elderly Feral Cat To Love

Mason is a really old cat who’s had a rough life and was feral when he was brought in by a rescue service during one of their trap-and-neuter missions. The shelter said that he was one of the oldest cats they ever had, and he made his feral instincts pretty clear from the start.

And it’s not surprise – the poor cat has had a rough life. He had a growth on one of his paws, his tail was broken and he also needed to some dental work. After closely examining his conditions, the service also found out he was suffering from kidney disease. He would clearly not survive the winter if left on the street, so he was either to be euthanized or adopted. The Tiny Kitten was put for adoption, and surprisingly, he found a new home quickly. Grandpa Mason was clearly not fond of being pet, but he was happy.

His new mom says that it was a long road of adjustment for Mason, but everything changes when he met a group of foster kittens his new mum brought back home. They immediately went to his lair and climbed over him, and Mason surely enjoyed it.

His mom was surprised – Mason was clearly lacking contact with other living beings, and although he didn’t want it from a human, he clearly enjoyed playing with the kittens. Here’s a video of them in “action”:

Speaking to The Dodo, the mom says that Mason now can’t wait for the kittens to come to him and play.

They brought joy in Mason’s life, and his story should serve as a reminder of the love feral cats have to give. He probably didn’t get any love when he was a kitten, but now he’s having some much-deserved fun.