Man Pretends to Pass Out — The Cat Gives a Reaction That is Winning Hearts All Over The World!

Owning a cat is a full-time fun job, although they can be really tiring sometimes. This doesn’t make them bad – in fact, cats are great pets.

The first thing you can notice on a cat is how weird a pet it is. They can be reclusive, but they also won’t leave your side sometimes. Cats are unpredictable, so doing a weird thing in front of them can be a lot of fun. This is exactly what the man in the video below does – he pretended to pass out, and the cat reacted in a cute way! We’re glad he filmed this.

In the start, the cat isn’t really interested in the prank. But, as time passes, she starts making her way to her human, and reacts in an adorable way. Check out the amazing prank below: