20 Cats That Know Exactly How to Grab Your Attention

As you probably already know, cats love getting attention, although only when they like to. If you refuse, they will find a way to get some revenge sooner or later. Their mischievous nature makes the adorable and cute sometimes, but also scary. Here are 20 cats that are trying to get their human’s full attention:

#1 What are you so busy in that you forgot me?

#2 You will be punished for betraying me and giving all your attention to that stupid work. I am not going to forget this ever.

#3 The kitty is not in the mood of sharing the melon. He prefers losing friends than the melon.

#4 The kitty can’t wait for the dinner anymore. It better be served soon.

#5 You should know that I hate water.

#6 So you are not going to give up? Let’s have a fight then.

#7 You disturbed my sleep to get a picture. You should think about me too.

#8 I thought that you were smarter than you appear.

#9 You forgot about me. But I am always there to remind you.

#10 I don’t need you to be around. I need my space.

#11 This kitty is not in good spirits. We should better stay away.

#12 The kitty is too sad to even care if her hooman is around.

#13 You better apologize for what you did or face the consequences.

#14 I was not ready for the shot.

#15 The kitty is just in the right mood for some attention. Bring it on.

#16 The kitty came straight out of the demon world and now he is ready to spread his holiness around.

#17 What are you thinking about, hooman? I am sure you are done with ignoring me.

#18 Someone please tell him that I am not very happy with his fashion sense.

#19 I was in the middle of something. Can you stop capturing me all the time?

#20 What is wrong with this grumpy creature?