Found With a Broken Spine, Would Davey the Stray Ever Walk Again?

FLORIDA – When Davey the kitten was discovered lying on the side of a road in Florida, he was paralysed with a broken spine.

Nobody was certain if the kitten would ever walk again.

Thankfully, though, he was accepted by Caring Fields Felines, which is a sanctuary and rescue organization with a loving staff who were committed to making sure he would be taken care of.


And so, the staff members at Caring Fields Felines took the tiny kitten toSavanna Animal Hospital, which is in Jensen Beach. That’s where Davey met Danica Gingras, a veterinary technician.

After Davey was fitted with his very own tiny cast, Danica brought Davey into her home and provided him with round-the-clock care.

After a few weeks of physical therapy, Davey had his cast removed and is now able to walk, run, and even jump again.


‘He travelled to and from home and work every day with me during this whole time,’ Danica explained to The Dodo.

‘After having his cast removed he was up and walking in a few days.
‘He has a lot of kitten time to catch up on.’

The healing process had another awesome outcome besides Davey’s physical recovery: it was just enough time for Danica to fall madly in love with the kitten.


In the end, Danica decided to adopt Davey – permanently.

She has since renamed the kitty Beans (that’s because he looked like a bean-filled burrito while he was wearing his cast),

Best of all little Beans is now up and running around like any other healthy kitten, and he’s absolutely loving his new forever home.