Glam Puss’ Fashion Satire is the Cat’s Meow!

Meet Pitzush, who is quite possibly the internet’s most glamorous kitty cat. Since she was rescued by dentist Roxana D, this fabulous feline has starred in many fashion satire pages on Instagram which have taken the photo sharing site literally by storm.

“She was a stray baby cat, starving, with a mouth full of rotten teeth; she was very ill,” Roxana says. “I took her to the vet, we brought her to health and then together we decided that is time to extract all of her baby teeth – I am a dentist so I did the procedure, the vet just put her under general anesthesia.

“It was a painful experience to see her just lying there helpless. After that she recovered very well but she was still very shy and was afraid of everything. It took a lot of time, patience and love to manage all her previous trauma – the vet said that she was constantly beaten by other cats – she was just a baby, fighting for survival.”

Lovingly cared for by her new owner, it wasn’t long before Pitzush was soon on the mend and Roxana, who just so happens to holds a degree in textiles, began to snap away with the intention of using her pictures to poke fun at the fashion world. However some Instagram users failed to see the human and weren’t happy at all to see a cat “wearing” fake lashes.

“They didn’t know it was all Photoshop,” explains Roxanna. “The photo shoots with Pitzush are not very easy to pull off. It’s a process – I start with simple things like a necklace, then some treats; after that I very quickly put on the dress and the shoot lasts for about 2-5 minutes as she is a real diva and has no patience for longer photo shoots! If she could speak Pitzush would say that there is no other cat or human more glamorous than her. But she would be joking!”

The targets of Roxana’s satire are the fashion bloggers and vain celebrities, like the Kardashians, who post heavily posed photographs on the web. In her own way, Pitzush the cat, who goes by the name of @pussinglam on Instagram, is trying to show the world that those who fail to look beyond appearances can look very silly themselves – like a cat who’s become a victim to fashion.