GLOBAL CAT CULL: Cats Should Be BANNED from Going Outside or Be KILLED, Leading Scientist Demands!

Dr. Peter Marra, who is a world bird expert, has demanded all cats be banned from roaming outside.

In quite a chilling interview, the leading conservationist wants all stray felines either adopted into homes or, if that is not possible, euthanised in a GLOBAL cull.

The unprecedented call for a global wipe-out of cats took place as Dr. Marra disclosed to Radio 4’s Today programme that cats are killing billions and billions of birds every year.

Dr Marra has called for all cats to be BANNED from going outside

Dr Marra has called for all cats to be BANNED from going outside


According to the conservationist, the world terribly needs severe cat control.

Dr. Marra, the director of the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center, is blaming the cuddly pet species for the extinction of 63 mammals, birds, and reptiles.

The scientist went on to explain that the problem “can absolutely be fixed” and said the science community “knows what we need to do – including euthanasia”.

In his shockingly disgusting new book, Cat War, he writes: “From a conservation ecology perspective, the most desirable solution seems clear – remove all free-ranging cats from the landscape by any means necessary.”

The conservation scientist is saying that pet cats can be allowed to live but must be put on leashes and leads if they leave the house.

He is calling it “inhumane” to let cats outside during his call for an all-out war on felines.

In the same interview, he went on to say: “Cats are allowed to roam outside, that needs to stop.

“Put them on a leash if you want them outside.

“We also need to get all stray cats off the landscape.

“Those cats need to be captured and adopted out.

“If they can’t be adopted, they will need to be euthanised.”

He went on to say to BBC: “We have a big problem on our hands.

“Cats are having a devastating impact on biodiversity, a significant impact on human health and spreading disease.”

Dr. Marra is also pointing to health consequences of rabies and parasitic toxoplasma passing from cats to humans in rising rates.

He concluded: “They kill 2.4 billion birds every year. Here in the UK alone, there are 8.1 million which kill 275 million animals a year.”

He claims that very extreme measures were not just to save humans but also cats themselves, who he warned can be hit by cars or mauled by dogs or pick up diseases in the outside world.

Dr. Marra – you’re a twisted soul and we here at The Best Cat Page are going to put right on front street, and keep you there, so that you can face the music.