This Severely Matted and Neglected Persian Cat Needs Help and Prayers!

The degree of animal cruelty and neglect that exists in this world is a serious tragedy, luckily however, there are hardworking animal rescue groups tirelessly trying to combat animal abuse. One of these wonderful organizations is called The Arrow Fund, an animal rescue group in Kentucky that is dedicated to ending animal abuse.

One of the most recent arrivals to The Arrow Fund is little Seraphina, a dilute calico Persian cat who was severely neglected.

Persian cats are renown for their lush manes and coats, but this poor cat was so poorly neglected that her fur was entirely matted. This image shows all the matted fur rescuers managed to shave off her tiny body.

Weighing in at just about four pounds, Seraphina is terribly underweight and malnourished. In addition, the poor cat suffers from both internal and external parasites. Despite all of that, she maintains a calm and gentle demeanor.

This little girl now has a bit of hope to live up to her full regal glory and be taken care of by someone who loves her. If you are able, you may consider making a donation to The Arrow Fund to assist them in saving and providing proper care for lovely Seraphina.

Seraphina’s rescue was possible because of a kind-hearted foster parent who has volunteered to care for the sweet cat until she finds a forever home. As this story shows, fostering truly does save lives, and all it takes from you is a lot of love and care (most rescues provide foster parents with all the food, bedding, supplies, and also medical treatment needed to care for foster animals.)

If you wish to learn more about fostering animals, go here, and check with your local animal rescue organizations and shelters about how you can become involved.

Way to go, Arrow Fund!

Photo credits: The Arrow Fund