Goldtatze Cat Furniture that Hangs From Your Walls and Ceilings!

GERMANY – A carpenter has gone to great lengths to keep his cats comfortable in his home.

Furniture designers, Achim Holwald and Stefan Hoffman, who are based in Germany, have come up with a solution that will keep your cats happy, safe and inside your home.

And now you too can allow your feline pal claw, climb and leap to its heart’s content with an amazing indoor jungle gym.

Their company, which is called Goldtatze, makes cat furniture the walls and ceilings of your home that would otherwise be unused.

The components hang from everything to suspension bridges,
to hammocks, to watchtowers, to scratch posts.

Each piece of kitty furniture is created of high quality treated timber, sisal and carpet.

Partners Achim Holwald and Stefan Hoffman were entirely inspired to build the kitty furniture when their previous tenant’s cat, Mogli, remained in their apartment, comfortable in their home.

On their website, Mr. Hoffman stated that he didn’t want a cat but after a while fell in love with Mogli and even adopting their own kitty they named Tiggi.

He thought to make their home as comfortable and as natural as for cats.

‘As a skilled carpenter and object artist, I had an uncommon idea: creating my own cat furniture,’ Mr. Hoffman said.

The German kitty furniture company have tested their furniture under very tough animal shelter conditions and claim their design is almost indestructible.

Mr. Holwald said their customers have been very satisfied with the quality of their non-toxic products.

He added many veterinarians have also recommended their products to people with cats living in apartments.

Unfortunately, Goldtatze products are not available for shipment to the United States as of right now.

Check out their website for more kitty furniture fun!