Odd Friendship Between Sphynx Cat and Fluffy Puppy Has Sent the Web Wild with Thousands Swooning!

NEW YORK – The very unlikely and unusual friendship between a Sphynx cat and a fluffy puppy has sent the web wild as thousands swoon over their adorable Instagram pictures.

Traditionally one should probably be chasing the other around the room, but Botox the cat and Lulu the puppy can’t get enough of each other.

Despite their obvious differences, this particular unusual pair spend every day together, cuddling and playing at their home in New York City.

Five-year-old Botox, who received his name all thanks to his wrinkly skin, showed his nurturing side when owners Loren Valla and Lexi Ioannoi, who are both 20, brought home one-year-old maltipoo puppy, Lulu, last year.

Loren, who is a student at New York City’s Fordham University, says: ‘Lulu has grown to think of Botox like a parent because she was just three weeks old when we brought her home.

‘She’s definitely a firecracker with a ton of energy and is always ready to play.

‘Botox is the opposite and just loves to sleep and cuddle.

‘When Botox can’t be bothered to entertain Lulu, he just sticks his head out of his blanket and slaps her a few times until she finds someone else to bother.’

Lexi, who is a fellow Fordham student, stated: ‘We get a lot of different comments about Botox, particularly.

‘Some people are a little hesitant towards meeting him because of the way he looks, but once they do they fall in love with him.

‘Despite their appearance, Sphynx cats are actually known to be friendlier than other breeds.’

The funny pair even have their own Instagram account that currently has more than 2,500 followers who log on to see their latest snaps.

Loren said: ‘We thought it was cute that Botox and Lulu are so different and thought that people may find it entertaining to watch them interact.

‘We received a gradual uprising in followers throughout the months but weren’t too surprised when they reached big numbers because of their relationship and differences, which you don’t usually see on Instagram.’

The Sphynx cat breed, which is known for its lack of coat, was developed through selective breeding which began all the way back in the 1960s.

Thanks to their very high level of intelligence and affection, Sphynx cats are often referred to as ‘dog-like.’