Heart-breaking Letter, Written by a Child, Begging For Help!

This is a sad story.

One kind man was just out walking his dog in the neighborhood when he noticed something that seemed a bit strange. He saw a box that was just laying on the sidewalk. At first, he thought maybe it was just an empty box.

Suddenly, however, he noticed that the box – was moving. He immediately rushed over to see what`s in there.

He was, to say the least, surprised when he found a tiny ginger kitty tucked away inside the box.

The man immediately picked him up to see if the kitten was hurt. The most shocking thing was the letter which was enclosed inside the box next to the kitty.

When he read it, he couldn’t help but begin to cry.


We are sure that this kid`s heart was broken that he or she had to do this.

And we hate to say it, but maybe the child who wrote this letter did the very best that could be done, under the circumstances.


The kitten is now safe hands and in a brand new forever home.

This cute, little furball’s fate could have been much much worse!

H/T: happypetsclub.net