Hero Cat Defends 5-year-old Boy From Group Of …

A heroic cat immediately came to the rescue of his young owner by pouncing on bullies who were picking a fight. And here’s the best part – they never messed with him again. (Scroll down for video)

This is Smudge the hero cat!

When Sarah Fenton was in the kitchen watching her two boys play outside in Doncaster, she caught sight of another group of boys approach them.

“I was keeping an eye on the boys who were playing football in the front garden,” Sarah stated.

Five-year-old Ethan and two-year-old Ashton were just out minding their own business.

“I saw three boys who were much taller and older than Ethan walk over to our front gate. I heard them shout Ethan’s name twice but he ignored them and just put his head back down and kept playing with Ashton.”

“But then they shouted him again and then one of the boys got in Ethan’s face and said, ‘Oi! Why are you ignoring me?” and pushed him over”.

Sarah immediately ran outside and that’s when she saw Smudge take action into her own paws.

“I rushed outside and saw Smudge fly out from under our car and jump on the boy’s chest.”

That bully certainly wasn’t expecting that!

“I think it was shock more than anything but the boy stumbled backwards, burst into tears, and then ran off.”

Sarah, who is a part-time hairdresser, bought Smudge after being left heartbroken when the previous cat they had died.

In a strange twist that proves Smudge is a perfect match for the Fenton family, the cat they originally chosen had been adopted out by someone else before they got there.

And so they bought 10-week-old ginger and white moggy Smudge and, for Sarah, it was ‘love at first sight’.

“He was so small and cute and I knew we just had to have him.”

The family, who hails from Doncaster, have had Smudge now for three years but had never before seen his heroic alter ego.

“He has never done anything like that before but it was absolutely brilliant seeing him look out for Ethan like that.”

He has slept outside his bedroom keeping guard ever since that episode happened.

“I actually feel so much safer knowing Smudge is around after seeing him defend him like that. He is a big part of the family and he is more of a brother to the boys than a cat.”

Watch the inspiring video below!

H/T: www.dailymail.co.uk