This Runt of the Litter Kitten Gets its Head Stuck in a Wooden Fence and Calls for Help

This tiny cutie pie managed to get stuck his noggin in a hole while looking for its siblings. The abandoned kittens were waiting for someone to rescue them. One’s eyes was shut and infected and it was clear it was in need of help. The good news is that rescuers saw the stuck kitty and went to help just to realize that it’s not alone.

The group of kittens was found by the Alley Cat Rescue organization who works on a neuter-return project in LA. The litter was taken in by the organization and tiny Meeps received round-the-clock care. After a few days, the kitten grew stronger and snuggled with her siblings to sleep every night.

Day by day, the kittens looked better and better. It took a while to get them all healthy. They needed antibiotics for various infections as well as probiotics and parasite treatment. Meeps, the kitten who was found stuck in the wooden fence, needed the most attention as it was the runt of the litter. The adorable white kitten loves cuddling with everyone and continues to grow stronger just like her siblings.

Take a look at Prue and Bear – they’re already 3 months old and looking great. As Meeps continues to grow and develop, she’ll turn out to grow into quite the cutie.