Houston Man Sentenced to Nearly 5 Years in Prison for Torturing Puppies and Kittens in ‘Crush’ Videos!

TEXAS – A Houston man has recently been sentenced to nearly five years behind bars for making videos of puppies, kittens and chickens being tortured and killed.

Brent Wayne Justice, who is 55, was convicted back in May on three counts of producing and one count of distributing what are known as “animal crush videos.” His 57-month-long prison term will be followed by just three years of probation, the Houston Chronicle reports.


Prosecutors explained that Justice and 25-year-old Ashley Nicole Richards tortured the animals in videos they made from 2010 to 2012. In one pf the videos, Richards is seen cutting a pit bull puppy — its mouth duct-taped shut — with a meat cleaver before severing its head, its paws and then urinating on its paws.

According to the Houston Press, Justice’s disgusting defense was that the animals were killed “humanely” and in accordance with kosher laws.

Richards pleaded guilty to similar charges just last year and received a 10-year prison sentence.


Richards — who appeared in the videos, scantily clad and sometimes wearing a Mardi Gras-style mask — testified against Justice herself, stating that he was the cameraman and was the one who advertised and distributed the videos online.

According to her plea agreement, she explained that she felt sick about making the videos but did it because she needed the money.

The U.S. attorney’s office in Houston stated that the videos contained “sexually charged dialogue meant to arouse the viewer.”