In Colorado, Cat Stuck Atop Power Pole For More Than a Week

THORNTON, COLORADO – A cat stuck at the top a power pole for nearly a week will have to find its own way down.

fghfhjfA viewer emailed 9NEWS Tuesday about a cat who was stranded on top of a power pole on the 9200 block of Vine Street since the previous Wednesday. Multiple people have expressed concern online for the cat’s well-being also.

The fire department, animal control and Xcel Energy are all aware of the cat, according to Thornton Police. Police say a rescue attempt is too dangerous because of the power lines in relation to the location of the pole. Police say a bucket truck cannot easily access the pole because it’s located in the backyard areas of a total of four homes on the block.

However, this does not necessarily mean the cat is doomed, officials say. After a similar scenario in Greeley just last year, 9NEWS spoke to a veterinarian with the Center for Animal Wellness who said cats that fall from places like a tall building or pole have the ability to spread out and “parachute to the ground.”

In the Greeley situation, the cat jumped and landed safely after it was apparently spooked by the Xcel crew attempting a rescue. This time in Thornton, police say they have decided to let nature take its course.

UPDATE: It was the same situation once again in Thornton. Tuesday night, Xcel Energy went to check on the cat and said the cat came down on its own somehow overnight.