People Are Dumping Black Cats Because “They Don’t Look Good In Selfies”

Black cats were always considered evil up to the point of them being abandoned as kitties just because some people fear bad luck. However, there’s also a recent trend of dumping black kittens just because they don’t look good on selfies. Yes, you read that right – people are abandoning black kitties because they aren’t satisfied of how they look in their selfies!

Christine Bayka is the founder of the Moggery rescue center that shelters animals from the street. In recent times, she noticed that almost all the animals in the shelters are black and found it strange. People would come and pick cats in other colors aside from the black ones and this never happened before.

After a bit of investigation, Christine came to a shocking conclusion. The reason why people are avoiding black cats is that they don’t like the way they look in selfies, which is crazy if you ask us. “It’s even worse now with Facebook and Instagram,” Bayka says. “People take selfies with their pets every day, but black cats don’t look so good in them so everyone’s inclined to get a different-colored pet!”

We must admit we’re sad to hear it. The notion of thinking that black cats don’t look good in selfies is crazy and something should be done immediately. These kitties have become an unfortunate victim of the social media. This is also proof that people are becoming more selfish and even heartless!

“It’s a bigger problem that 20 years ago. People in the past avoided black cats thinking they’d bring bad luck although that’s not true, but now they’re avoiding them because they don’t look good in selfies! It’s madness,” Bayka says.

The owners of black kittens are encouraged of having them neutered. The Moggery rescue center is having trouble finding homes for black kittens, so they’re offering free neutering for all black cats. This should be enough to encourage people to take cute black kitties home, but we’ve yet to see positive results. It seems the world has really gone crazy.