Introducing Two Cats – Smoothie Meeting Milkshake

This is truly an informative and really well created video about introducing two cats, a beautiful adult cat whose name is Smoothie and a kitten named Milkshake. Both are British Longhair kitties. Smoothie is about 3 years old and Milkshake is about 1 year old.

Their loving human also has some extra tips for you!

  • Be patient, it’s a slow process. First impressions are important & difficult to erase for cats.
  • Don’t force anything. The cats’ll let you know when they’re ready. It’s never a good idea to just put them together & let them fight it out. Cats usually don’t like change, so let them get used to the new situation. Give them separate rooms for at least the first few days.
  • Before you’ll let your cats meet, let them get used to the smell of one another. Cats are all about scents. For example you can pet one cat with a sock & let the other cat smell this sock afterwards. It’s also wise to let them know it’s a positive door, by giving them treats after smelling the sock. It has to be a positive experience.
  • When your cats meet for the first time – under supervision of course – play with both of them to show there’s no danger. You can also try to let them eat next to each other.
  • A bit hissing or growling is fine, but don’t let them get negative associations with meeting one another. If they’ll start to fight, just separate them. When they’re calm again you can bring them back together. Continue doing this till they’re visibly more relaxed.


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