These 15 Bully Cats Stole Doggie Beds And Simply Aren’t About To Give Them Back

No one really likes a bully and in the following photos we don’t have just one bully – there are a total of 15.

These fifteen cats have completely and absolutely taken over their households, and the poor family dogs are the ‘victims.’

Those of us who have a cat or two or three already know that they will do what they want when they want.

The following pictures just further confirm all of that fact.

#1 This kitty just needs his space.

#2 This wee one is already in charge!

#3 That is truly one disgruntled dog!

#4 Two dogs vs. just one cat.

#5 Size foes matter.

#6 This dog is completely shocked about what he’s seeing!

#7 Well, at least the dog has something warm and soft to sleep on.

#8 “I’m watching you cat and when you leave, that pillow is mine.”

#9 Persistence sure paid off, he got his head on the pillow!

#10 This kitty got the warm comfy blanket AND the water bowl.

#11 “Can somebody please tell the tiny kitty that he is on my pillow?”

#12 It’s true – some cats are just sore winners.

#13 That is one very lucky cat! The dog is ready to move in right after the cat moves out.

#14 Aww, these two seem to have made a compromise.

#15 This dog is not quite sure things are going to work out at all with this particular cat.