Young Teens Rescue Black Cat From Drowning, Walk Miles To Get Help

Three teenagers jumped into action in order to save a kitten from drowning in a river and then walked miles up hill to get help.

The teenagers were just hanging out at the Hutt River in Lower Hutt, New Zealand when they spotted a tiny two-week-old kitten hanging onto a floating log, traveling downstream. Sarah, Lilly and David immediately went into rescue mode. David waded into the water to retrieve the kitten and the girls wrapped the little kitten in a hoodie..

“It does your heart good to know that there are young people out there that will continue on after us…,” Kitten Inn, a rescue group in Lower Hutt, shares the story with Love Meow.

“(They) turned up at my place with this little tot wrapped up in one of their hoodies. They had been down at the River and saw this poor little soul floating past on top of a log.”

“Not only did they jump into the river to rescue the little kitten but they also then walked over 4km (2.5miles) to bring it to me. When they arrived at my door they said ‘We knew this was where you take all the kittens no one else wants.”

“How it came to be on a log floating down the river we will never know, what we do know is that it is now safe,warm and its little tummy is full and for him at least life is looking good.”

“I congratulate the parents, they brought up some really good kids.”

The kitten was named Woody. “Obviously we’re not handling him too much as he’s got a new mum now.”

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