Keeping Your Feral Friends Warm This Winter!

It’s going to be getting cold outside, and our furry, homeless friends feel the chill, too! Making a shelter for a feral cat can be done easily and pretty cheaply, too!

Most of us cat lovers probably already have an old plastic tub lying around, or a Styrofoam ice chest somewhere that we do not really use, so then it’s virtually free.

Below, you will find a video that shows how to quickly provide shelter for a feral cat this winter.

There are a few points we would like to add is that many people have stated you also need an escape hole in the back because the kitty will not feel safe if they think they are trapped in a box from some kind of predator.

In addition, if your neighborhood feral cat will come into the box, perhaps you will be able to get close enough to kennel it- and then bring it to the local SPCA to have it fixed.

Many SPCA’s will do this at low or no cost if the cat is feral, they clip one of the ears to show that the cat is feral and fixed, to help control the feral population.

It simply is a great idea and will help many cats from living an undesirably hard life. We love kitties, but controlling the feral population is important, too.

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