Tom the Cat, Comforts Dying Veterans and Their Families at Virginia Hospice!

SALEM, VIRGINIA – The VA Hospice n Salem, Virginia has a very special feline who gives comfort to dying veterans and their families.

This is the heart-warming story of Tom! He is the one that makes sure that everyone receives a big amount of love instead of receiving a big amount of medicine to feel better.

Palliative care coordinator Dorothy Rizzo rescued Tom from a local animal shelter a few years ago and she thought that having him around in the hospital would help make the vets feel safer, happier and comfortable during their final days.

The presence of Tom also gives off a positive energy that has calming effect for these veterans.

The orange tabby was even present when Edwin Gehlert, a WWII Veteran took his final breaths. Sure he died peacefully, Tom had jumped onto his bed, curled up beside him and placed a furry orange paw in the Army Veteran’s open hand.

It was as is Tom guided him right to heaven, Elizabeth Gelhert, the veteran’s wife of 68 years stated that it was a beautiful passing and Tom was the one that made it happen.

It seems that Tom may very well be an angel sent by God himself whose sole mission is to give comfort and love to these veterans and heroes.

Tom always seems to know just who he needs to spend time with and comes to them at the right moment.

Tom is a big help not only for veterans but to their families members who need to unwind after visiting with a loved one all day.

Tom is the angel nurse that everybody going through hard times needs.



What a gorgeous creature!