Kentucky Hip-hop Artist Helping Stray and Feral Cats .. With Coffee!

LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY – A Lexington hip-hop artist is trying to keep neighborhood cats warm with the help of coffee beans.

Hendrick Floyd, who performs under the stage name, “Sheisty Khrist”, has been feeding several cats who live near his home just outside of North Limestone. Realizing there are countless more cats across Lexington living out in the cold this winter, Floyd decided to do something positive to help all of them.

“You know, you see the old guys taking care of the birds, well, I think I’m heading into that territory!” he joked.

Floyd has partnered with Magic Beans Coffee Roasters to create “Sheisty Khrist’s Cold Winter Blend”. They’re selling whole-bean bags of the coffee for $15 at A Cup of Common Wealth and anywhere Magic Coffee Beans are normally sold. Floyd plans to use the profits to create special cat shelters made of plastic tubs and straw for the area’s stray and feral cats.

“They’re really lo-fi, but very productive and we can make quite a few of them,” Floyd said.


They have prepared 60-70 bags of the beans and hope to sell a lot more!

Music Video: Sheisty Khrist x Lofidel – COLD WINTER