Adorable Video Shows Six-month-old Kitten Grooming Owner’s Beard!

ROMANIA – Cats simply love it when they get a new toy – and this feline was delighted when she found herself a new play-thing: her human’s beard.

This adorable video below shows the kitten playing with her owner’s impressive facial hair.

It appears as if the six-month-old cat was, in her own way, trying to help him groom his bushy beard, as it had just been washed.

The kitten can be heard purring quite loudly as she strokes his beard repeatedly, using one paw and then the other.

She looks absolutely happy as the owner holds her up, allowing her to reach his facial hair.

And her human, of course, certainly appears to be enjoying the massage from his pet.

The cute footage was filmed in Paulesti, Romania, and has been shared online.