Key & Peeler Promoting “Keanu” and also Promoting Cats Up For Adoption in Chicago! – VIDEO

Over the course of Key & Peele’s complete five-season run, the comedy duo produced plenty of now-iconic sketches, but perhaps one of their funniest and most popular recurring bits was the East-West College Bowl, which was nothing but Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele introducing themselves as football players who happened to have increasingly ridiculous names (and increasingly ridiculous wigs).

And now, with Keanu hitting theaters this weekend, Key and Peele have decided to bring back some of that weirdness to not only promote their movie but also to promote cat adoption.

The duo recently stopped by at Tree House Humane Society in Chicago to help raise funds for the shelter. While they were there, they bestowed a few ridiculous nicknames on some of the shelter’s cats, which include Fieldgar, Mr. Higgabonton Crumplier III, Guripantance Mousebreath, and Eighteen Lives.