Teacher Saves A Kitten Who Was Stuck In A 50-Foot Tree For 11 Days! – VIDEO!

There is almost nothing that is more cliché than hearing about a cat stuck up in a tree. Have you ever wondered just how they come to get stuck up there? Indeed, cats are excellent climbers and impressive jumpers, so how do they manage to get stuck so often?

In order to save a cat from a tree they are stuck in, it takes quite a lot of work. This rescuer had to earn a kitten’s entire trust before he was able to rescue the kitty. If you move too fast when attempting a rescue, it might just scare the kitten even more and force it farther up the tree, making it even harder to rescue.

Robert Reese is a teacher and he made it his mission to rescue animals trapped in trees. So far, he has been able to rescue a total of 67 kitties and one dog from trees since 2013.

He also has helpful tips there for anyone who is trying to rescue an animal caught up in a tree, like for instance, giving the cat or kitten at least 24 hours to come down on its own first.

In the video you will see below, Robert climbs up at 50-foot tree to rescue a seven-month-old kitten. He’s able to gain her trust by offering her a bit of food. The poor thing must have been absolutely starving, as she had been stuck up there for 11 whopping days.

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