Woman Only Days Left To Live, Leaves Note To Her Cat’s Future Owner!

MARYLAND – Usually, it is quite difficult for humans to face death – especially when they know that they have such a little amount of time left on this Earth to live.

We would guess that most of these people try to spend these days doing the good things or enjoying what they like most.


This time, a woman in Maryland, who knew that her living time is coming to an end, decided to write a letter for the future owner of her cat, whose name is Susie.

In the letter, she expressed the love that she had for her cat from the beginning. After the woman passed, her son came into a shelter with the cat.

Since he wouldn’t be able to take care of Susie because of rental restrictions at the building where he was living, he decided to take this cat to this shelter bringing along the note that was written by his late mother.

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This woman described in beautiful words just how much she enjoyed the companion of her cat, Susie. You can read the two-page letter that she wrote for Susie below, but try not to cry!

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