Cat Brings Home Live Bat, Absolute Chaos Ensues! – VIDEO!

Twitter user NickMillerr_’s cat, whose name Nala, decided it would be a great idea to bring home a live bat and casually drop it in the house as a gift for her humans.

In case you’re curious as to just how that horrific scenario played out, NickMillerr_ tweeted the riveting, suspense-filled saga in a two-minute-long video.

Once NickMillerr_ realized what his sweet little Nala had brought in, his immediate response understandably included a few curse words followed by much extreme confusion.

As Nala gave her new friend a tour of the entire house, her owner seemed relatively calm considering the situation — that is, until the bat started frantically flying around.

At around 3 a.m. with two doors leading to the outside world propped wide open and many failed attempts at capturing the bat, the menacing little mammal eventually flew outside and the chaos came to an end.

As you can imagine, NickMillerr_ was not too pleased with Nala.