Hilarious Note Left to Kitten at Shelter Warning He Is ‘Not Friendly’

In the flood of cute animal videos online, one kitten’s story stands out. Despite being in a rescue shelter, this black and white kitten hasn’t found a home yet.

The Anxious Kitten

A video on TikTok shows the kitten clinging to the bars of its cage in fear. A note stuck to its cage reads “not friendly,” signaling challenges for potential adopters.

Fearful Behavior

The note adds, “Terrified will absolutely bolt out of cage.” The video shows the kitten trying to escape, highlighting its high levels of fear and anxiety.

A Victim of Hoarding?

The video was posted by a TikTok account that shares cat videos. The caption hints that the kitten could have been a victim of pet hoarding, which might explain its inadequate care.

@tinny_cats Hoarding cases are always a delight #fyp #cats #catrescue #adopt #kitten #hoarder ♬ original sound – Tinny Cats

The Unknown

The video doesn’t share any details about the kitten’s whereabouts or current condition. However, its story has struck a chord with many, bringing focus to the overlooked problem of pet hoarding.

Amid countless cute pet videos, this kitten’s story is a stark reminder. Every pet, no matter its past or behavior, deserves love and care. Pet hoarding is a serious issue causing animals severe anxiety and fear, evident in the “unfriendly” kitten’s distress.

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