Couple go to animal shelter to choose a cat but a blind cat chooses them

Choosing a pet from a shelter is hard. There are so many cute pets waiting to be adopted and you can’t take them all at home. Elliot and Nathaniel Green know this. They recently visited an animal shelter to get a cat, but couldn’t have guessed what happened next.

The couple went to the Lynchburg Humane Society in Virginia, USA, planning to adopt a Siamese. However, there was only one, and it was on hold. Elliot and Nathan were disappointed to leave home empty handed until one cat showed interest in them.

Merlin the blind cat was waiting for adoption for a long time. The cat was blind so no one wanted it, but he was just as beautiful as any other cat in the shelter. The 2-year old ball of fluff rushed to the couple even though he was blind and immediately hit it off with Elliot. The cat cuddled up to him and it was clear that he knows what he’s doing.

As the staff from the shelter says, Merlin never had difficulties with the surroundings. He was always chill and wanted to cuddle all day long. As soon as Merlin curled up Elliot’s arm, the couple knew what had to be done. The proud dads ended up adopting Merlin and set up an Instagram page for their new pet.

Take a look at how Merlin spends time in his new forever home: