Kitten Cuddling Human Expecting Mom Since Adopted

Meet Siggy the kitty!

Siggy has been cuddling and nuzzling his human mom and the baby inside her since the day he was adopted.

My cat loves my bump. They’ve grown up together.”

“Siggy is 5 and a half months old, my best friend’s cat had kittens and I helped her when she was in labour so I’ve literally known him from the day he was born!” Reddit user Bogsasaurus told the people at Love Meow. “I was about 3 months pregnant when he was born. My partner and I took him home in April.”

Siggy started hugging his mom’s belly when she felt the baby started kicking. “That was around May. He’s a really chilled cat.”

“He’s really clingy with me, especially when I’m ill. I spent 5 days in the hospital with a suspected blood clot on my lung and before I was taken in he spent two whole days by my side, wouldn’t leave me,” she said.

When the baby is moving inside the belly, Siggy becomes overwhelmed with affection. “He enjoys it! He kneads my belly until baby wakes up, then lays down and purrs himself to sleep while baby kicks him!”

When asked about reaction from the baby to purring. She responded: “He starts rolling around, I sometimes feel like the cat uses me as a human water bed!”

Siggy is a very affectionate and mellow cat. They simply cannot wait to introduce him to their son, and they just know that they are going to be good friends for life.

For now he keeps mama and the baby warm, hugging with his paws and singing songs composed of purrs.

Siggy has been cuddling with the baby awhile now.

“He’s currently 5 days overdue, I’m hoping he decides to make an appearance soon!”


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