Kitten Found Abandoned Behind Tool Shed Gets Forever Home And A Brand New Sister For Life

One day, a terrific man by the name of Jack discovered an abandoned kitten behind a tool shed. The mama cat was absolutely nowhere to be found. The man immediately decided to take the poor kitten into his house. It was there that he went ahead and introduced him to his own kitten, whose name is Olive.

“My husband was behind a tool shed at an apartment when something caught his eye… Teddy. He was about a month old and weighted just under a pound. He was all alone,” Kathy Lyons, Jack’s wife states.

“He was curled up in a little ball with his eyes squeezed shut. Jack thought he was hurt because he saw what ended up being his one white foot. It’s a miracle he even saw him behind a ladder leaning against the shed.”

Soon after that, the couple decided to take the wee one to see a vet and they decided to adopt him. Just two weeks prior to rescuing Teddy, the couple adopted Olive. It didn’t take very long at all for both Teddy and Olive to accept one another.

Time has passed now and the two are still quite inseparable.

“Olive’s motherly instinct was awesome for being a baby herself,” Kathy went on to say. “She smelled him and started cleaning his face right away. She didn’t mind him following her around 24/7. They slept together the very first night.”

Teddy has since grown into a very dapper cat. He has his forever home and a brand new best friend, a beloved sister named Olive.