Cat Gives Birth to Adorable Litter – Just Wait Until You See Where!

IRELAND – A pet shop owner, Henry McGauley of Louth, Ireland, heard some strange sounds coming from his back garden one day. And so, he decided to check on the source of this noise. imagine his surprise when he climbed a ladder only to find four newly born kittens alone in a pigeon’s nest.


When his wife Fiona returned just a few hours later she found the mother nursing the kittens. Fiona, who regularly feeds stray cats outside her back door, explained to ABC news: “We left them there because there’s not much you can do, they have to be at least six weeks old before they can be taken from their mother.”


She went on to say: “It turned out we knew the cat. We always used to see her by the alleyway. She was pregnant, and she disappeared a few times. In a couple of weeks, the mum will probably bring the kittens to the back door for feeding. When they’re older, we’ll take them in, get them tamed and find permanent homes for them.”


The couple states that after heavy rain the white and ginger cat had moved her litter to safety, probably under the garden shed. As it turns out that a lot of customers at the pet shop have shown interest in adopting the kittens when they are old enough.


It looks as though things will turn out well for this adorable cat, and her four kittens in the end.