19 Insanely Cute Kittens Who Simply Don’t Know Any Better …

1. This teeny one who just attempted to eat his first real meal from a bowl.

2. And this precious kitty who passed out partway through his meal.

3. This fuzzy baby who’s READY for her first pounce.

4. This kitten who just loves LICKING HIS OWN TAIL – just like a baby sucking their thumb!

5. This adorable furry who’s ready for seconds…even if it’s not hers.

6. And this furry who’s like, “GIVE ME MOOOOORE!”

7. This teeny-weeny feline who just wants a warm place to nap.

8. This kitten who hasn’t seemed to learn about boundaries yet.


9. And this tiny fella who’s like, “Can I join you…please?”

10. This perfect kitten who just fell asleep from all the kisses.

11. This kitten who for some reason needed to learn the hard way.

12. This kitten who thinks mommy is just some kind of toy.

13. And this fuzzball who immediately regrets this decision.

14. These kitties who think “cleaning” time is actually “play” time.


15. This wee one of a furry who thinks he found a new playhouse.

16. This adorable kitty who is maybe a little lost.

17. This sweet fur-baby who just isn’t ready to be on her own yet.

18. This itsy-bitsy kitten who’s all ready for a small road trip.

19. And finally, this fuzzy kitten who’s obviously very good at copying mama.

via: buzzfeed.com