A Woman Is Reserved When She Starts Petting This Lynx Until It Responds Back With Love!

No matter how they look or what you think of them, cats are adorable. If you’re a cat fan like us, you know it in your heart that cats love their humans more than any other animal. They never mean harm to anyone, and this goes for big cats as well.

Take a look at this lynx – it may look huge and dangerous, but it’s actually just as adorable as any other kitty!

This woman started petting the cat, a bit afraid of what she could expect until it started purring and showing love back. As you can see, looks can be deceptive.

After watching the video, you’ll realize how much this lynx loves her human. He’s obviously grateful for their efforts in rescuing him and giving the cat another shot at a normal life.

Just look at how adorable he is!

Enjoy the video below: