What Happens When You Let The Family Dog Raise the Family Kitten

Ever since the day a Tamaskan dog picked out his own feline buddy from a shelter a few months ago, a the two have been completely inseparable.

Now, the seem to spend just about every second of each day with each other.

Raven the dog’s humans took her with them one day to look at kittens at a shelter. From the very moment Raven set eyes on Woodhouse, it was love at first sight and the next thing her humans knew was that Raven was all over them, as if to beg them to take that kitten for her and so they did.

The first thing Woodhouse learned from Raven was the importance of cuddling and being close with someone.

Raven has not only become quite protective of Woodhouse, but she seems to share everything she has with him. And snuggle time always seems to be a favorite time for the both of them.

They go on day trips together! And Raven was very sure to teach Woodhouse the benefits of napping in the car.

And through all of this bonding, this lovable pair never forget about their humans.

Raven knew this little tabby kitty needed someone special in his life when they met at the shelter, and all she knew was that she wanted to be his friend.

Photos by @jumperposse, reddit
By Daniel Torres, The Best Cat Page