Kitten Rescued from Death Row, Now Has a New Family!

A tiny three-week-old kitten was saved from death row when a dog and a cat stepped up and offered to be his foster parents. Say hello to Reggie the tuxedo.


“He wound up in a kill shelter in NYC and was given a pretty short time limit before they would have to put him down,” explained Kelly. “North Shore Animal League pulled him and asked if I could foster so now he’s with me. He is a very sweet kitten.”


When he first arrived at his foster home with Kelly, Suzie the kitten-loving dog immediately took a shine to him under her wing and along with Kushi the one-eyed cat he became part of the family, something he had never before known.


In just a couple of days, Reggie went from being on death row to now in the loving arms of his foster siblings. Kushi simply loves to cuddle him!


And Suzie, like any other parent, is very protective of him.


Little Reggie has now claimed his human’s hoodie as his brand new bed. In fact, anything soft now belongs to him!


Reggie totally loves his new foster mama very much…

And he feels completely safe and loved by all in his new home.


You can see more images and follow Reggie with his new family on Instagram.

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