Sightless Cat and His Seeing-eye Brother

A rescue cat found at the airport lost his eyes, but then a miracle happened. He found a seeing-eye cat companion who became his best friend for life.

Meet Pinocchio. He was discovered at an airport in 2012 and brought to the shelter. He lost his eyes due to various infections. However little Pinocchio was happy and wouldn’t let anything stop him.

Once he was placed in a foster home, he met Jiminy Cricket, another rescue kitten who bonded with him immediately.

“Pinocchio is one lucky cat. He was rescued and met his seeing-eye brother, Jiminy Cricket at their foster home.”

Jiminy brought taught Pinocchio how to play and the two became inseparable. Soon the fosterer knew that the two brothers from other mothers had to stay together.

With his seeing-eye friend, you can barely tell that Pinocchio is completely blind in the video below. He uses his hearing and his whiskers to help him navigate and also has his partner in crime guide him along the way.

He plays with all kinds of toys and even goes on walks with his humans. “He especially loves Nene feathers found out on walks and brought home to him.”

Finally, luckily, they were adopted together!

They truly complete each other.