China Now Has It’s First Hello Kitty-themed Restaurant

China’s first official Hello Kitty themed restaurant has just opened on the bustling Nanjing Road in Shanghai giving fans a real taste of the cartoon.


The two-floor restaurant, which is situated inside a shopping mall, is completely decked out with images of the popular ‘cat’.

But it’s not just the design that will pull in Hello Kitty fanatics – even the menu features items created to look like just the idol.


It is the first restaurant to be authorized by the company behind Hello Kitty, the Tokyo-based Sanrio.


It has been personally designed by the current illustrator of Hello Kitty, Yuko Yamaguchi.


The two-floor restaurant is themed in white and red and fitted out with statues, carvings and also of course, images of Hello Kitty.


This decorative theme runs throughout the entire restaurant, including the staff uniform.


Downstairs, fans can stock up on paraphernalia while they wait for their reservation to be called up from at the reception while upstairs is the main dining area.


According to Xinhua, the menu will feature items including a bizarre combination of ice cream castles, ‘sakura love’ potato soups and even apple pizzas.

Many of the items, including steaks, cookies and macarons, are also shaped like the character.


There’s even rosé wine from France, under the Hello Kitty label, now being served, too.

Although the restaurant is the first of its kind in mainland China, a Hello Kitty restaurant already exists over in Hong Kong.


Last year, MailOnline reported that it was the first Chinese Hello Kitty restaurant to open anywhere ever.


The Hong Kong restaurant offered 37 dim sum dishes on its menu, all of which needed the official approval from Sanrio.


Hello Kitty celebrated its 40th birthday back in 2014, when it was revealed that the cartoon is in fact of a girl and her friends and not a cat.

But who cares really? For us cat people, Hello Kitty will always be a cat!