Kitten Saved from Typhoon Now the Official Greeter at Restaurant

Just after two days of searching for a kitten who was crying during a typhoon in Taiwan, a tiny tabby waddled out from the bushes and right into her rescuers’ arms. She amazed everyone with her unshakable will to live.

“This is Gnocchi. I heard her scream on the day when the typhoon hit the hardest, we kept looking for her but couldn’t find her until two days later. She’s got a super strong will to live,” Daniel Young, a chef from Taiwan, told the great folks at Love Meow.

Young, who is a cat lover himself, rescued the little tabby took her to safety. He and the restaurant staff then began caring for her around the clock to get her health back in shape.

During the days that followed, Gnocchi would cuddle up in her caretaker’s lap and start purring. She would run up to her humans when they came in the door and cry and cry for some attention if they walked away.

They originally planned to re home the kitten when she was big enough, but little Gnocchi grabbed everyone’s heart and even the patrons could not resist the cuteness and came to the restaurant so they could spend some time with this sweet kitten.

“We may just have to keep her forever,” Young said. now the official door greeter at the restaurant and brings a lot of joy and purr to the patrons who come to eat and visit her!

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Photos by Daniel Young