Kittens Were Found Trying To Protect Their Shivering Sister!

FLORIDA – On an unusually warm day, Megan Sorbara received a message about three kittens that needed help. Two little tabbies were wrapped around their baby sister, who was shivering frantically.

“I felt like they were protecting her,” Sorbara, president of Naples Cat Alliance, said to Love Meow.

The tiny white kitten was barely even able to walk. Megan took all of the kittens to Naples Cat Alliance.

“She has a very pronounced head tilt to the left, but she has a very healthy appetite and manages to roll to where she wants to go.”

The two tabbies were later named Pistachio and Praline, and their sister was named Coconut. “We have been back every night trying to get mom but she won’t go in the trap,” Sorbara said to Love Meow.


Photo credits: Naples Cat Alliance.