Kitty Loves His Bottle So Much – He Demands It!

Orphaned kittens can often be more than any normal person can deal with, but the cat lovers know exactly what to do. They need to be fed around the clock and then provided with warmth so that they don’t succumb to the elements.

Sometimes, however, taking care of these kittens can lead to a little spoiling, and that can teach cats bad manners.

Okaki is an abandoned kitten who was left behind by its mother and taken in by some kind hearted people who wanted to look out for her.

They would bottle feed her many times a day. However, this led to Okaki learning just what the bottle meant so he would actually demand food when he saw it. He even had a specific meow of the bottle that let his owners know that he was hungry.

Even after Okaki grew up and no longer needed the bottle, he would still make demands for it, and eating from it seemed to make him the happiest little kitten in the world.

There were times he would even try and climb up the nearest towel in order to get it.

Absolutely nothing could stand in his way between him and that tasty meal.

Thankfully, though, he doesn’t need formula anymore now that he’s a big, full-grown cat, but his family will have treasured memories of his days as a begging kitten who didn’t know how to grow up.


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