London Firefighters Rescue Phoebe the Cat After She’d Become Trapped Between Two Walls!

Stuck in the middle: the cat was rescued by firefighters PA

Stuck in the middle: the cat was rescued by firefighters PA

LONDON, ENGLAND – It was one of the few times rescue cat Phoebe had ventured out of the house – and she soon discovered the perils of the outside world.

The feline somehow managed to get herself jammed into a space just a few inches wide between a garage and the side of the house where her owners live.

The terrified animal found herself completely stuck fast, pinned in place by her pelvis for a number of hours.

Her frightened meowing alerted owner her owner Jon Harper, who called the RSPCA and local fire service to help get her free.

After firefighters carefully cut into the garage’s brickwork the young cat was slowly plucked to freedom, trembling and covered in dust.

Full recovery: Phoebe the cat (PA)

Full recovery: Phoebe the cat (PA)

Mr Harper, 35, who lives with his parents after moving home from London, said Phoebe, the family pet, was just getting used to going out when she got into her predicament on Thursday.

He stated: “She is just under a year old and is a rescue cat. She is quite nervous so has been slow to venture outdoors and stays close to the house.

“I heard her calling out and found she had got herself trapped between the garage and the house walls in Hassocks, West Sussex.

“I didn’t know if she was running from another cat but she had pulled herself really far into it from one side.”

Phoebe has since made a full recovery.

RSPCA animal welfare officer Marie Stevens, who helped in Phoebe’s rescue, also added: “I’ve been an RSPCA officer for 22 years but seeing animals in distress doesn’t get any easier. Luckily with the skills from the fire officers we were able to safely free poor Phoebe.”